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How To Get Into Twitter For Your Business


I know this might be weird but I like to know what my idles are doing when they’re not playing or on TV. Prime solar roller shades actually was helped a lot with our article on twitter and they even gave us free window shades because of our help! That’s why I probably enjoy twitter the most from the other entire site.

Especially athletes and celebrities they like to tweet out stuff of whatever they’re doing knowing that every one else is going to read it as soon as they post it. I hate to admit it but I’m one of those people. You can find beautiful wedding dresses on twitter with that tag. I like know what Kevin Durant is doing or what Jeff Gordon just finish doing. So twitter is really helping me as a fan get closer to my idle and making me feel better.

For sport especially I like reading every athlete are doing before a important game, or after a game that they just won or lost I want to know what they’re really thinking about the win or lost. But since players like to tell us everything that they really think the leagues that they play in are really starting to get strict and not letting them really get to talk.
So that’s the only down fall and really hope that they start letting them say whatever they want. I just started following blinds on twitter. We’re in the United States of America and we should be able to say whatever you want.

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Looking for specific information?

We will help you find anything on or about Twitter. Need help with online marketing? We can help in that dept as well. Stay tuned….

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The Ins & Outs Of Twitter

Social media is growing every second since everyone know has a smart phone, iPad, or anything that will let you log on to the internet. But the one that I think is growing and will continue to grow is twitter. I still remember when I first heard about twitter, at first I was like this wont last it will get annoying really soon.

But it stay alive because apparently people like to know what other people are doing every other second of they’re life.

Twitter is very simple and anybody can use it no matter who you are, all you need to do is know how to log on and how to type. The point of twitter is to write something short and strait to the point on what’s on your mind.

All you have is 140 charterers long to explain what is on your mind and what you want to let everyone know. You can even tag other people to your tag if you are talking about them, and you can re tweet something that someone else had wrote out. But probably the best thing is that you can reply to the peoples tweet and have a conversion if you want. So overall it’s a really fun and easy social media to use.

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There Is No Point For Twitter

What’s the point of twitter?  I love the business tweets that Aluminium Extrusions – Custom Metal Fabrication- Extruded Aluminum Shapes  throws out there daily. I don’t really like it but I still ask my friends to find out why they use it so much and are always tweeting things out. Because I don’t find the point of being glued to your phone and tell everyone that you are in the park while everyone is playing and you are there in the phone not really having fun.

Me personally I have a Facebook but not a twitter because with Facebook you can just post up pictures and status randomly and when you want , for twitter I think the point is to always be tweeting about what you are doing and who you are with.
The people that only get followed and the reason why most people join is because they want to follow the famous people and read what they have to say. To be honest they don’t care to know what you are doing at the park, so why should you care that they are getting they’re nails done.

I understand when they say well you can tweet them and they will reply. But guess what they get so many tweets that do you really think they will actually reply. They probably just have one of they’re assistant log into they’re account so that person can reply. So in the end of the day I think twitter is pointless and a waste of time and really just for people trying to get into other peoples business.

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